Where we’re coming from

As a small business we understand your concerns. The risks of income loss from downtime, inflexible service terms, and overpaying can keep you up at night fearing for your business’s future. Since we live in the same small business world we bring you the same flexibility and affordable options we would want ourselves. And we have a better sense than the big guys of what your business needs.

Located in northern Virginia and serving the whole state, we are a registered Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with extensive experience in designing, implementing, and customizing communications and connectivity.

Who We Are

Rob Adanitsch

Rob Adanitsch launched his telecommunications career in the US Army in 2001 managing global satellite networks, and hasn’t looked back since. He has spent the last 19 years designing and implementing secure communications solutions for the US government and Fortune 5 companies. He’s led teams of communications engineers to over 15 different countries, deploying solutions and consulting with customers.

Rob realizes that small companies don’t always have the experience and knowledge they need when it comes to IT. They often rely on friends and family or sadly are taken advantage of by IT firms that offer solutions that don’t fit a customer’s needs.

Rob is passionate about bringing his knowledge to small businesses and nonprofits. He often enables them to save significant amounts of money by making minor changes, and creating a plan for their future IT needs. Providing personalized support and making his customer’s needs and goals his own personal mission set’s Rob and his company apart from others.

Brandon Lawson

Brandon is a proven communications engineer with satellite, microwave, VoIP, and IP experience. Brandon started his career in the US Army as a satellite network controller. He lead his team in a battalion wide technical review, where they were ranked number one in operational proficiency.

Following military service, Brandon worked at AT&T on a variety of projects supporting US Government and commercial customers. It was on one of these projects that he became the lead network engineer for a global network utilizing Cisco and Juniper products.

Since departing AT&T, Brandon has continued to serve his country supporting US Government programs as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) of network and satellite systems.

Together, Brandon and Rob have built the premiere VoIP services providing company in the Northern Virginia area, demonstrating what a quality company with solid fundamentals and quality products can provide.

Our approach

We believe in a consultative approach, straight talk, and clear price points when you choose a plan. Other providers break packages into separate services, but with us all the standard services – conferencing, voicemail, auto attendants, maintenance, remote support – are included.

We bring a wholesale model to our customers, enabling our customers to easily scale their business without the worry of exponential cost increases. Every one of our customers save money by switching to our VoIP services. The average is between 30 and 40%.

To see our approach in action, call 540-551-5580 or contact us on the website.

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